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November 22, 2002

By popular request, the Door lists the Top 25 Movie Scenes of All Time. The first dozen are in approximate order, beginning with the best. The remaining thirteen are in alphabetical order.

The Year of Living Dangerously: Sigourney and Mel break the curfew.
Scent of a Woman: Pacino and Anwar do the tango.
Rocky 2: Adrian tells Rocky to fight.
The Chosen: Rod Steiger declares his son to be a tzaddik.
Paper Chase: The water in the hotel room comes back on.
Searching for Bobby Fischer: "There it is!"
Stand and Deliver: "If you do not have the ganas . . ."
The Gambler: Jimmy Caan calls the card.
The Right Stuff: "Light this candle!"
Say Anything: John Cusack holds up the boombox.
Sixteen Candles: Jake and Molly at the church.
Rain Man: "Rain Man, let's play some cards."

48 Hours: Eddie Murphy as the new sheriff.
A Few Good Men: Jack Nicholson on the stand.
Annie Hall: Lobsters.
Casablanca: Bogart says goodbye to Ingrid.
French Connection: Chase.
Gone in Sixty Seconds (Nicholas Cage version): "Donny, play Low-Rider."
Heat: Pacino and DeNiro have a cup of coffee.
Meatballs: Bill Murray plays cards for peanuts.
Point Break: Keanu learns to surf to "I Will Not Fall."
Pope of Greenwich Village: Eric Roberts puts something special in the coffee.
Porky?s: Miss Balbricker talks to the principal.
Year of the Dragon: "I'm going to burn you down." "You're very stupid, and you will not last."
Young Doctors in Love: "Old man, haven't you . . ."


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I would have to add THE UNTOUCHABLES: The untouchables ride on horseback to shoot it out with the Capone gang on the bridge to Canada


The Pawnbroker: Rod Steiger weeps over the body of his slain employee.
Close Encounters of the Third Kind: "I'm taking over this conversation right now."
Contact: Ellie, lounging on the hood of her car, gets the signal.
The Long Good Friday: In the back of the IRA van, Bob Hoskins finally understands.
Pubic Enemy (I think): Cagney's body falls in the door at his mother's feet.
Blackhawk Down: Many, but certainly the ending sequence from the hangar/morgue on.
Bullitt: The chase.
Psycho: Martin Balsam gets it on the stairs.
The Searchers: Ending, John Wayne walking away from the house.
Ben Hur: Chariot race.
The Third Man: Ending, Jos. Cotton throws down his cigarette.
We Were Soldiers: Men assembling in the predawn to get on the buses.
Heat: The shootout.
Thief: James Caan: "I am the last person you want to f... with."
All Quiet on the Western Front: Ghost version of the soldiers, walking away from the camera, one looks back.
Paths of Glory: Scene in the beer hall, captured German girl singing.
Saving Private Ryan: Cemetery, beginning and end of film.
Deerhunter: Russian roulette.

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