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January 20, 2003

Julian Sanchez, a staff writer at the Cato Institute, does a nice job answering the charge that ". . . faith in the superiority of markets to government intervention is something like a religion, and baby, it's bigger than Scientology, Freemasonry, and Christianity combined." (And the Door asserts that even if it is a faith, to those who can see, its miracles are real and abundant.)


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Nathanael Nerode

Not a very good response to the charge, actually. One can believe that free markets are useful without believing the religious version of it, which is that free markets are ALWAYS better for EVERYTHING than government intervention. (Let's have free markets decide court cases! And provide police service! And fire service! You get the picture. Free market worshippers really do promote things that silly.)

ivan janssens

Yes, let's promote more silly things. But always with arguments, and historical examples (Iceland for instance).

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