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February 14, 2006

Signaling, summer camp, and Alchian's model

Bryan Caplan thinks the signaling model of education is underrated. Arnold Kling and Robert Lawson prefer the "summer camp" model.

Two years ago I briefly noted Armen Alchian's model of higher education. I found it intriguing then, but if it's true that fewer and fewer college students are dating, it's more questionable.


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David Foster

There's another kind of "summer camp"'s called the U.S. military, and I think employers would do well to pay more attention to military veterans, particularly those who have served in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Karl Smith

The censors over at Innovation Online won't let me post my thoughts on hooking up vs. dating. I doubt that there are "fewer serious relationships" as a result of hooking up. I have never been in a relationship that did not start with a hook up. In fact it is just a more effecient process for acheiving the same ends. Rather than an extended courtship ritual its simply a handshake algorithm: I like you, do you like me -> If yes begin sample mating -> Is sample mating promising -> If yes begin relationship. Its like the internet for love.

What this extends from, I think, is more friendships between men and women. Usually you hook up with people you already know. You know whether you have the same interests, goals, etc. The question is whether it should be taken further.

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