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September 05, 2006

Score another one for capitalism and . . . Wal-Mart

As discussed on Instapundit and elsewhere in the blogosphere, here's a truly heartening article. Compact fluorescent lightbulbs--not so good twenty years ago--are now much better. Enough so that we are about to save a lot a electricity in the U.S. and simultaneously help the environment significantly.

It's another example of capitalism's ever-astonishing capacity to create gains for everyone.

But by far the best part is who the agent of the change is going to be. The much-feared, much-reviled . . . Wal-Mart. The irony greatly entertains.


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I've been a big proponent of CFLs for 15 years. I'll concede that back then they were quite a bit more expensive, and had limited output. But they're much better now. Our house is filled with them. They also run so much cooler, saves on AC in the summer. [Read More]


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Another blow to the left. This follows in the wake of Wal-Mart's announcement that they will start selling organic food at much lower prices than your local hippie store.


I've replaced just about every bulb in the house with either fluorescents or 'long-life daylight' bulbs. Some have been burning almost continuously for 3 years. They cost more to buy (well, until Wal*Mart lowers the price even more) but way less to operate and they last much, much longer.


About to? Where have you been?

Chris Meisenzahl

Great points, we've been using those CFLs for years.

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