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January 05, 2007

May be worth watching to see how this plays out: MIT biological engineer, denied tenure, plans to conduct a hunger strike outside the provost's office.


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I predict it ends with chocolate.


Why would you want to be somewhere where they don't want you? If he has a good tenure claim at MIT, a lot of other institutions would be happy to have him. I could understand taking drastic measures if MIT was his only possible employer, but, under the circumstances, this just sounds like the act of a crazy person.


When you fire or break-up with someone, and their response is to act crazy, your first thought should be "clearly that was a good decision".


I have seen two very good researchers be denied tenure for reasons not related to their research or teaching -- one for a good reason and one not. Both went on to other institutions where they were, and are, appreciated, and have continued to produce more than decent research. Even Jimmy Carter is right once in a while ("Life isn't fair").

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