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Another knock on journalism

Some journalists dismiss bloggers out of hand, because we're not "professional" like they are. Well, here's a summary of some research on what professional journalists do:

The study looked at all domestic news stories over a two-week period from five British newspapers, including the quality papers--the Times of London, the Daily Telegraph, the Independent, the Guardian--and one mid-market paper, the Daily Mail.

The researchers looked at 2,207 stories.

They also had the Guardian news desk send along all of the material--such as press releases and wire stories--that the journalists had access to during that period.

The survey found that 80 percent of the stories in these papers--some of the most prestigious in the country--were wholly or mainly or partly based on information from pr departments or wire stories. The researchers weren’t sure on the origins of another 8 percent of the stories.

Only 12 percent were clearly original.

(Link via Henry Copeland.)