How to have fun with somebody who advocates higher taxes . . .
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How to have a little fun with a Congressperson . . .

. . . who supports a "windfall" profits tax on oil companies. Ask 'em if they support a windfall profits tax on corn and soybean farmers, and if not, why not.

In the last two years (as of 5/15), crude oil on the Nymex has increased just about 75%, while corn and soybeans have each almost doubled. (Corn, which for many years sold for approximately $2/bushel, has recent been as high as $6/bushel.)

Conceptually, what's the difference between the oil companies' "windfall" and those of the corn and soybean farmers?

It might be possible to find an unusual Congressperson who would reply that there's no difference. But given the incredible--still--hold farmers seems to have over the U. S. Congress, I doubt it. (Link is to a post by Jim Lindgren, from whom I'm stealing the idea of a windfall profits tax on farmers.)