"A Short Course in Behaviorial Economics"
Some terrific advances have been made . . .

Bulletin: yet another ranking of economics blogs, but with much more

I received an email about The Palgrave Econolog, which is a relatively new aggregator of economics blogs. Here's some of the PR from the site:

For Readers: Keep up to date with hot papers. Find new economics blogs. Track stories as they break.

For Bloggers: Reach a bigger audience. Enable trackbacks, most popular post widgets and more. Post reviews, research and conference reports.

For Publishers: See which books and papers bloggers are talking about. Find experts. 

It looks like it could be quite useful. They're currently tracking 342 blogs.

And they have yet another ranking of econoblogs. The Door ranks, as I write, 27th. Even better, the blog you're reading scores 7.4 on the Flesch-Kincaid index and 9.1 on Gunning-Fog index. (These are crude indicators of whether the writing on the blog is "easy to read".) 

Marginal Revolution ranks first--Mason rules!--and John Whitehead and friends at Environmental Economics rank sixteenth--North Carolina rules!

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