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February 11, 2009

The Koch Foundation is looking for associates and interns

Individuals with at least a bachelor's degree and an interest in a career with free-market think tanks, policy institutes, or other non-profit organizations, take note: applications for the 2009-10 Koch Associate Program are still being accepted. Details of the program are here. (Deadline for applying: March 16.)

The Koch Associate Program was established to identify up-and-coming leaders and entrepreneurs interested in liberty and help them develop the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary for careers with market-oriented think tanks, policy institutes, and other non-profit organizations.

The program offers promising leaders and entrepreneurs the opportunity to work on significant assignments within non-profit organizations while learning and applying Market-Based Management®. During the year-long program, Associates are based in Washington, D.C., and spend four days each week at non-profit organizations working in full-time positions and one day each week at the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation immersed in a Market-Based Management curriculum.

Thanks to Steve Sweet for the pointer.

The Foundation is also accepting applications for paid summer internships. (Deadline for applying: also March 16.)

Thanks to Laura Hands for the pointer.


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Curious...When is a career in think tanks, policy institutes, and non-profit organizations considered entrepreneurial? While they may have valid ideas, these groups are rent-seekers just like the government beaurocracy. They add no value to the economy.

Seems like a contradiction in terms.


I've known a couple of entrepeneurs and they both went through other organizations prior to striking out on their own. I'm not sure that I see the rent-seeking here that you do.

Surely it's not worse than an MBA Program, or even an Economics Department, is it?

What's your beef?

Tyler Durden

CW misses the point. Think tanks seek "rents" based solely on the strength of their ideas. If they have bad ideas, they will also receive $0 donations. Government works exactly the opposite. They TAKE our money using coersion. Whether the government's programs work or do not work (they don't work, how long have we been fighting the wars on poverty, drugs, etc.), it does not matter. The government will forcibly take our money regardless. Think tanks use free will of the people to collect rent. Governments use a clenched fist and heavy hand.

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