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U.S. health care saves one young British woman

Lovely story: 19-year-old Meg Jones learned she had a malignant brain tumor. Her British neurosurgeon refused to operate. Her mom searched the Net looking for a surgeon who would. She found one who used an advanced procedure at Boston's Brigham and Woman's Hospital. Meg and her family and friends raised 50,000 pounds to pay for the surgery. Her surgery two years ago seems to have been successful; scans show no remaining cancer cells. (Also note that after an eight-hour brain surgery, she was out of the hospital in three days.)

An observation and a lesson.

The British surgeon's decision was debatable. Much more disturbing than his unwillingness to operate was that he apparently didn't know about the advanced procedure in Boston. And given what Meg's mom found on the Net, he apparently didn't think to search for options, either.

Technology is empowering. More and more people will be able to help themselves when they get bad medical news.