"In a Desert of School Failure, 96th Street Elementary in Watts Soars by Rewriting the Rules"

Rock on, 96th Street Elementary.

Nobody takes offense, everybody pitches in. It's a radical concept in a school district where the teachers union, United Teachers Los Angeles, has fought the district for years over teacher evaluations, and where ineffective teachers are allowed to continue using the same techniques — in some cases for decades.

More good news: "After Katrina, Fundamental School Reform in New Orleans".

"UNC Schools Don’t Need More Buildings"

With the qualification that, in my experience at least, a few of the "excess" classrooms have unsatisfactory acoustics, lighting, seats, and/or heating/AC--though this last is probably partly due to the university trying to save money on utilities--I agree.

And if new buildings really are needed, why not try harder to get "private donors" to pony up for them instead of this: "NC State receives approval for new dorm to house basketball players, non-athletes". 

$240K per bed--sheesh!

"The Fundamental Way That Universities Are an Illusion"

"To understand the failures of the modern American college system — from admissions marketing to graduation rates — you can begin with a notorious university football scandal."

"Football scandal" is spelled U-N-C-C-H.

As the investigators wrote in their final report, Mr. Davis “found Chapel Hill’s attitude toward student-athlete academics to be like an ‘Easter egg,’ beautiful and impressive to the outside world, but without much life inside.”