"Harvard’s nondiscrimination hypocrisy"

A former dean of Harvard College and current computer science professor at Harvard blasts the University:

Using “nondiscrimination” as a cudgel against students’ private associations is odiously patronizing. No similar policy applies to Harvard faculty or staff. Even worse, Harvard will compel students seeking scholarships and leadership positions to affirm their compliance with the policy — to respond to a McCarthyesque “Are you or have you ever been a member” question, under the threat of punishment for perjury.

Harvard prohibits such questions in job interviews. . . .

"Why College Graduates Still Can’t Think"

Several paragraphs in the author makes an important distinction:

Unfortunately, those disciplines are also where most critical thinking instruction supposedly occurs in our universities. (Actually, other fields, such as the hard sciences and engineering, probably do a better job of teaching true thinking skills—compiling and evaluating evidence, formulating hypotheses based on that evidence, testing those hypotheses for accuracy before arriving at firm conclusions. They just don’t brag about it as much.)

Another example of the rule of thumb that those who talk a lot can't do much while those who do a lot don't talk much.