"Statistics Establish Harvard's Discrimination Against Asian-Americans"

 Paul Mirangoff's comments on the case. He thinks the plaintiffs should be granted their motion for summary judgment.

(For econ fans, the plaintiffs' expert witness is Duke's Peter Arcidiacono and Harvard's expert is David Card. On an important point in dispute--whether to include special admits in the study data--I think Arcidiacono wins hands down.)

"L.A. Unified's grim financial outlook"

Maybe reality is dripping in. This editorial is not by a member of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy but by the L. A. Times.

The district’s single biggest expense is teachers — as it should be — and if significant sums have to be trimmed, it’s unlikely that can be done without some kind of hit on teachers.

Related: "Why L.A. Unified may face financial crisis even with a giant surplus this year".

"One Surefire Way to Stop Outrageous Student Demands"

I'm pretty sure this intended to be funny, but it might actually work.

When social justice warriors arrive with their usual dog’s breakfast of airhead ideas, the university apparatchik will immediately hand them “University Form 101, Request for University Intervention to Solve a Pressing Problem.” No different than the typical paperwork necessary for, say, creating a new major. Fifteen or so dense pages filled with IRS-like terminology will suffice. Note well, university administrators may be spineless, but when it comes to imposing paperwork, they are world class!