"The Charter-School Crusader"

Take this to the bank: don't underestimate Eva Moskowitz.

One school became 46. One hundred sixty-five students became 15,500. A tiny outpost in Harlem spawned brethren all across Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens . . . 

Moskowitz has created the most impressive education system I’ve ever seen. And as she announces in her memoir, 46 schools is just the beginning. “We need to reach more students,” she writes.

Also on charters: "Stop Blaming Charters: Research shows that they don’t hurt traditional public schools’ performance, and may help improve it."

"Time to Tear Down These Schools"

This is the biggest civil rights issue of our time.

(Related: I'm reading a book on education reform. The author talks about the PISA test that is used to compare high schoolers' performance across countries and he states: "Last time out, the U.S. average score was 500, just behind Poland and ahead of Liechtenstein. However . . . If America's scores were limited to those from schools in districts in which the poverty rate was less than 10 percent--Finland's poverty rate is less than 4 percent--the United States would lead the world, and it wouldn't be close . . .")