"School ‘donor’ a serial scammer who once posed as a Yankee"

You can't make stuff like this up. Random guy shows up at a New York City high school and hands it a check for $1.5 million. High school starts to spend the money before check clears. Check bounces. Guy has spent almost 20 years of doing wildly fake stuff

The Brooklyn high school that discovered it had been scammed by a bogus $1.5 million check suddenly canceled a student trip to the White House, infuriated parents said Thursday.

"How To Pay Teachers More"

John Hood, John Locke Foundation chairman:

Instead of chasing headlines or poorly measured statistical goals, McCrory and legislative leaders are boosting and reforming teacher compensation in order to attract and retain high-performing educators to some of the most essential and challenging jobs in the public sector. As long as policymakers maintain overall fiscal discipline, by spending less in other areas on the budget, their strategy consists of applying basic conservative principles to what most voters consider to be a high priority.

"I Would Rather Do Anything Else Than Grade Your Final Papers"

Truth with humor from McSweeney's.

I do not want to read your 3AM-energy-drink-fueled excuse for a thesis statement. I do not want to sift through your mixed metaphors, your abundantly employed logical fallacies, your incessant editorializing of your writing process wherein you tell me As I was reading through articles for this paper I noticed that — or In the article that I have chosen to analyze, I believe the author is trying to or worse yet, I sat down to write this paper and ideas kept flowing into my mind as I considered what I should write about because honestly, we both know that the only thing flowing into your mind were thoughts of late night pizza or late night sex or late night pizza and sex, or maybe thoughts of that chemistry final you’re probably going to fail later this week and anyway, you should know by now that any sentence about anything flowing into or out of or around your blessed mind won’t stand in this college writing classroom or Honors seminar or lit survey because we are Professors and dear god, we have Standards.

"The Clemson-NCSU paradox. Can someone explain it?"

The EJMR bros wrestle inconclusively with one of the big questions of our time:

Can anyone explain to me how Clemson can have the majority of its Economics professors coming Chicago (plus others like MIT or Yale) while a university like North Carolina State University, which is supposed to rank over Clemson in Economics, has most of its professors coming from much lower institutions, like Indiana. Does Clemson have all the Chicago lemons? Is Clemson's faculty comparable in terms of quality to that of NCSU?