"Elite High Schools Plot to Undermine College Admissions"

Even given the low expectations I have for good sense in K-12 education, this is really dopey.

The plan — by the Mastery Transcript Consortium, which counts over 100 top private schools as members — would have its participants stop reporting grades to college admissions offices and instead provide a new model for transcripts and portfolios. The consortium’s proposal would serve as one more step in a trend going back a century toward introducing vagueness and, by extension, discretionary power into college admissions.

If, supposedly, wealthy people can give their offspring an unfair advantage on the SATs and getting good high school grades, wait until you see how large an advantage they can procure in getting good "portfolios". 

"Scholar: Train Teachers in Real Subjects, Not Education Philosophies"

I certainly agree with this.

As the researchers make clear, high quality teachers not only make a dramatic difference for students at the college level, but at the elementary and high school levels as well. If such is true, then one would think that the best way to boost student achievement is to place men and women in the nation’s classrooms who truly knew their craft: math teachers who are trained extensively in numbers and know algebraic formulas like the back of their hand; English teachers who are masters of the written word and know how to craft a well-written paragraph; history teachers to whom the past is alive, and far more thrilling than dates in a fat textbook. 

It's certainly true that teachers like these exist; unfortunately, these teachers are few and far between – and through no fault of their own.