"What it’s really like to spend weeks in a coma"

Yow. Harrowing even to read, but the story does have a happy ending.

After going into shock and flatlining in the ER, my next memories began once I was in the Surgical Intensive Unit. I remember being fully awake but unable to focus on anything; I could feel hands touching my head and comforting me, but I couldn’t move. I heard beeping, dinging, and ticking; I could feel my lungs expand and contract, but had no control over what was happening.

"PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi's long-term strategy put her job in jeopardy — but now the numbers are in, and the analysts who doubted her will have to eat their words"

The message is, as always, give the points and bet on Indra.

(She became President and CEO of Pepsi on 10/1/2006. According to Google, the increase in Pepsi stock from 10/1/06 through 2/4/18--as I write this--has been 111.97%. The S&P rose, over that same time, 87.06%. With a beta value--according to Yahoo--of 0.64.)