"Behind the Masterpiece: Van Morrison's Astral Weeks at 50"

How influential was it? This influential:

“Bruce Springsteen’s obsession with the record led him to tap Richard Davis to play bass on his 1973 debut and on Born to Run in 1975,” Walsh writes. “Martin Scorsese claims the first 15 minutes of Taxi Driver are based on it. Philip Seymour Hoffman quoted it in his Oscar acceptance speech. Elvis Costello called it ‘the most adventurous record made in the rock medium’; part of the late Jeff Buckley’s own myth is tied with his choice to cover ‘The Way Young Lovers Do.’ Joni Mitchell was so taken aback by the album that she badgered one of Van’s guitarists for information about him.”

"Scientists have found remarkable evidence that indicates the universe should not exist at all, a bizarre discovery indeed."

Ain't this a hoot. (Not a satire or a joke.)

As we reported recently, a team of scientists have just discovered that our universe should not exist at all, a puzzling finding considering the fact that we undoubtedly do exist. And it is the details behind this finding that are so incredibly fascinating, and cause us to ask a lot of questions about the nature of reality itself.