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July 23, 2015

"Then and Now (30 Photos)"

Made me laugh. And sigh.

"Here are the 11 cheapest Greek islands for sale right now"

Get 'em before they're gone.

"Why College Kids Are Avoiding the Study of Literature"

You know the drill: guess. Go ahead, guess.

July 22, 2015

"The Wright Brothers: Even More Badass Than You Thought"

Not completely true: I, at least, always thought they were badass.

"Seven conservative mistakes"

Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post offers good advice, I think, to my team.

"Book Review: Tom Stossel's 'Pharmaphobia'"

"Yet, despite the book's extraordinary well-documented and indisputable examples of real progress, the negative impact of the "anti-innovation"  industry—which has used every trick in the book to slow progress—becomes just as clear. By far, the most potent weapon in the arsenal of the conflict-of interest-movement is the fabrication of the myth that the process that leads to innovation is inherently dishonest and corrupt."

Two on baby names

"Here is the most popular baby name in every state".

"Hipster baby name generator".

July 21, 2015

"The US capital has a short buildings problem"

Absolutely lovely case study of how the dead hand of dopey, ancient laws screws life up.

This situation, so anomalous among major American cities, came to pass because of a backlash against the construction of the 164-foot Cairo Hotel (now an apartment building) way back in 1894. 

"Potential Uber cap has all the makings of a major scam"

Government in the Big Apple at work.

"Hayek for Everybody"

AEI's Alex J. Pollock reviews Donald Boudreaux's new book, Hayek for Everybody The Essential Hayek. (As I write, it's available free on Amazon.)

Boudreaux’s appeal is to the power of ideas in the long run. He believes that “No economist in the twentieth century has done as much to get the ideas right as did F. A. Hayek.” Those of us who admire these profound and complex ideas are glad to have them published in popularized, compact, introductory form. May they flourish.

UPDATE: link now included.

UPDATE 2: title of the book corrected and link to the book provided. Thanks, John.

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