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July 03, 2014

"Why We Need Government: To Prevent 9-Year-Olds From Running Free Little Lending Libraries"

One more example of the nearly endless refutation of "Government is just the name we give for things we do together."

"How To Memorize Lines Like A Professional Actor"

If they say so

"The 17 Kinds of Assholes Played by Tom Cruise"

Come to think of it, he has played an impressive range of jerks.

July 02, 2014

"Right-wing food companies"

Thanks, Salon. I'll patronize these businesses more now. 

"Lionel Messi Is Impossible"

Yes, indeed.

I arrived at a conclusion that I wasn’t really expecting or prepared for: Lionel Messi is impossible.

It’s not possible to shoot more efficiently from outside the penalty area than many players shoot inside it. It’s not possible to lead the world in weak-kick goals and long-range goals. It’s not possible to score on unassisted plays as well as the best players in the world score on assisted ones. It’s not possible to lead the world’s forwards both in taking on defenders and in dishing the ball to others. And it’s certainly not possible to do most of these things by insanely wide margins.

But Messi does all of this and more.

Even when he doesn't score.

"The Biggest Book Advances Of All Time"

I think this list offers mostly bad news about contemporary American culture.

"WATCH Trey Gowdy light up John Boehner and Lindsey Graham"

Not something you see every day: a political joke featuring Cindy Crawford

July 01, 2014

"How To Marry The Right Girl: A Mathematical Solution"

The optimal stopping rule, summarized. (Link via Metafilter.)

"The Real Differences Between Dog And Cat People"

My shorter version: dog people tend to be more sensible, better people

"10 Theories That Will Make You Lose Your Mind"

Talk about "thinking outside the box"!

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