"How to Find Clinical Trials for Experimental Cancer Treatments"

One thing that's encouraging is that cancer patients--patients of all types, actually--have more ability to help themselves than ever before.

Dr. Steven A. Rosenberg, who is chief of surgery at the National Cancer Institute and leads many clinical trials, said: “Fifteen years ago, more than 90 percent of our referrals came from doctors. Now, I would estimate that at least half of all our referrals come from patients themselves, who read about us on the internet and other places.”

"Minimum wage hikes are causing businesses to cut jobs"

Do tell.

In February, Wendy’s CEO Bob Wright said the firm expects wages to rise at least 4% in 2017. Wendy’s has three options to offset the rising costs.

First, they could cut margins, but with an 8% margin, that’s unlikely. The second option is to raise prices. Given how price-sensitive consumers are these days, that too is a non-starter. Finally, the firm could reduce the amount of labor they use… and that’s exactly what they did. Wendy’s eliminated 31 hours of labor per location, per week.