"Oprah’s iconic ‘You get a car!’ moment was crazier than you thought"

Liberalism in a nutshell: Oprah tries to do a nice thing for some people, forgets an important detail which pisses off some of the supposed beneficiaries,  and then by inflating expectations pisses off future potential beneficiaries and also complicates the lives of the givers. They learned a lesson that all big government types should heed: it's surprisingly difficult to give away money effectively.

"$2 billion to help house California's homeless isn't being spent — and no one knows when it will be"

This is such a California story.

The dollars are tied up in court as a Sacramento attorney challenges the state's plan to pay off that debt with money California voters approved in 2004 for mental health services. The funding, the attorney contends, should not be diverted from treatment programs, even if the mentally ill benefit from the housing. State housing officials said they don't know how long the litigation will take to resolve.

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