"Why You Shouldn’t Worry Too Much About US Wealth Inequality"

James Pethokoukis:

According to the authors of the 2023 analysis “Social Security and Trends in Wealth Inequality,” top wealth shares have not changed much over the last three decades when Social Security is properly accounted for. This is because Social Security wealth increased substantially from $7 trillion in 1989 to $39 trillion in 2019 and now represents 49 percent of the wealth of the bottom 90 percent of the wealth distribution.

"The Hur Memo and the Tragedy of Joe Biden"

"But that isn’t what made the Hur report so poignant, so interesting—so funny. It’s something neither party nor much of the news coverage mentioned at all; the biggest missing detail from the stories elected officials told about the Hur report isn’t any legal technicality in the decision not to prosecute Biden for holding on to classified documents. It’s what Biden held on to, and why."