"On Biden, Betrayal, Burdens, and Bunk"

Economics is 100% sure of this. (How can you argue with science??)

The reality here is that the corporations that he says are going to send bigger checks to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) after the tax hike aren’t the ones who actually shoulder this heavier tax burden.

The best explanation I’ve seen on this comes from a 2004 quote by economist Stephen Entin, who wrote, “The economic burden of a tax frequently does not rest with the person or business who has the statutory liability for paying the tax to the government.” That’s because taxes are ultimately only paid by people.

"'A Gigantic Clusterf**k': How Morgan Stanley Avoided $10BN In Archegos Losses By Selling First"

Interesting. And halfway through the piece I thought to myself this is just like how the very enjoyable movie, Margin Call, unfolded. And lo and behold, the author made the same point. (Except in the movie Kevin Spacey claimed that the nobody would ever do business again with the Morgan Stanley-like firm again. Ha!)

"Be first, be smarter, or cheat" indeed.

"Coloring Outside the Lines"

How misleading counting by race is getting to be.

Ten percent of all married people now have a partner of a different race or ethnicity, he finds; likewise, more than 10 percent of babies born in the United States have mixed parentage. Fully 80 percent of those polyglot children have one non-Hispanic white parent. Yet official Census data categorize those children as minorities even when they identify as white.

"Kids are using this new strategy to get into top colleges during COVID"

Color me completely unsurprised. Yet another dopey Liberal idea that won't work and will probably be counterproductive.

But the sudden disappearance of a pillar of the college admissions equation is having unexpected consequences — making the application process more confusing, more competitive and more opaque than ever before.

"The social sciences are useless. So why do we study them? Here’s a good reason"

By Columbia prof. Andrew Gelman. He gives the same answer as that given by my friend and former colleague, Steve Margolis: we're here to play defense.

The baseball analyst Bill James once said that the alternative to good statistics is not no statistics, it’s bad statistics. Similarly, the alternative to good social science is not no social science, it’s bad social science.

"The Week in Cancellation: Bonus Obama Edition?"

I think this an excellent, completely accurate thesis.

I’ve had a theory for a while now, for which there is some suggestive empirical survey data, that the left began to go nuts a couple years before Trump rode down the escalator in 2015 and caused full-blown leftist insanity. The theory, first suggested to me by Charles Murray actually, is that the activist left was frustrated and angry by around 2014 that President Obama was such a huge disappointment.