"Why "Green" Energy Is Impossible"

Math and logic are not among Liberals' strong suits.

Obviously, none of this is going to happen. And the environmentalists know it isn’t going to happen. How do we know this? Because, at the same time they tell us that global warming is an existential threat that must be combatted by getting all of our energy from wind and solar installations, they bitterly oppose, and successfully frustrate, the very mining projects that would be needed to produce the materials for the turbines and solar panels they say are essential to the continued existence of the human race.

"The Decline and Fall of San Francisco"

With an 11-minute video that made me wince.

In the video a formerly homeless gentleman estimates that 85% of the homeless in SF have a drug problem. This is interesting because the documentary on Seattle's homeless that I linked to a few months back also asserted that most of the homeless have a drug problem. To be clear: there are multiple causes of homelessness and there is never going to be a one-size-fits-all solution. But maybe, just maybe, people who want to help should focus on decreasing drug addiction.

And lest one think the creator of the video is unduly biased, here's a recent 2.5 minute video from a CBS station in SF.

"Even though I should know better, I still experience a sense of disbelief about what’s going on"

Perfectly reflects my own thought: "Some days I wake up and it takes a while for it to hit me that so many Americans seem to have lost their minds."

And while virtually uncountable examples exist, I'll list here just three you may not have run across:

"Twitter implodes over a charcuterie board".

"An innocent joke about worms triggers a scientific firestorm on Twitter".

"Does 2+2=4? Woke Academics Say Not Necessarily."

"Goals that you can't imagine"

Some of the great ones are here: Zlatran's bicycle kick, Bale's bicycle kick--Rooney's is missing, maybe because of a rights issue--Leo's Getafe goal, Bergkamp's turn, Leo's Atletico goal, and others. Two observations:

  1. Boy, does that ball curve a lot on some of them.
  2. How the heck do they practice this stuff? I'd guess they don't. They're like jazzmen: athletic ability and instinct combined in a spontaneous moment.

UPDATE: link now included.

"Does the Economics Department Rule the World?"

Even at this late date it still amuses me that some people think academic economists have tremendous power.

The title of his book indicates that it will be a broad attack on social science. In reality, it is largely an attack on social scientists, most often conservative and libertarian ones, that he does not like. Among his list of evildoers is Adam Smith, Friedrich Hayek, James Buchanan, Milton Friedman, Gary Becker, Steven Levitt, Tyler Cowen, Bruce Bueno de Mesquita, Steven Pinker, James Q. Wilson, Francis Fukuyama, Samuel Huntington, and Richard Dawkins (not a social scientist but he makes Blakeley’s cut anyway). These scholars are then blamed for a long list of sins including, among many others, the housing bubble and crash, something he calls the “market polis,” the management ethos, online dating, inequality, the capitalist hellscape of Blade Runner he says we are living in, broken-windows policing, the war on terror, and democratic peace theory. Conservatives, it appears, should take heart. Despite their vanishingly small numbers in higher education, they have still managed to ruin the world.