More from the wonderful Ngan Dinh:

Today was the last Murphy's Applied Price Theory. It was so sad I almost cried.

Murphy's assignment for this class was a 500-word paper. Something that any educated person could read and understand but has a lot of economics in it. Murphy realizes that this is too hard for phd graduate students, since "only Milton Friedman can do it."

Murphy's final exam will take place this Wednesday with 6 true-false-uncertain short questions. I guess there is no need for more comments. "You have 1 hour and 20 minutes to do it. So have fun!"

After this class I decided to change my goal. If by the age of 40 I can write things that everybody can understand but have a lot of economics in it, I would call my chicago education a success. This may be too hard but let's make Becker's columns on the Business Week something to strive for. It doesn't hurt to aim high does it? There are 17 years ahead, so work hard and have fun.

The first thing to do now is to write more in simple correct English. The first person to practice is my mom. Mom couldn't care less about economics.