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April 2006

"How many business schools can say their Dean is a major rap artist?" The Columbia Business School Follies "does" Glenn Hubbard in "Dean Dean Baby". It's the bomb, yo.

Or, for you macroeconomics fans, try the Dean's smackdown of Ben Bernanke in "Every Breath You Take", on the same page. (This is a 28 meg file; I suggest downloading and playing it from your hard drive.)

Links via Mark Thoma at Economist's View.

The Door nails one forecast

The Door's forecasting track record is, admittedly, mixed. But recall this prediction from April 10:

A prediction you can take to the bank: in the next couple of weeks some of the intellectual giants of our Congress will notice that gasoline prices have risen appreciably recently and they will demand yet another investigation into "price-gouging" and "obscene oil industry profits".

I claim full credit: the Washington Post, April 22:

Congressional leaders yesterday planned to ask President Bush to order investigations into possible price gouging by oil companies as crude oil prices hit new highs on world markets and average gasoline prices in the nation's capital blew through the $3-a-gallon mark.

(And to think, I'm giving these pearls away!)