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Salary information for faculty at two universities

Salaries for individual faculty at the University of Wisconsin--Whitewater. The Web page states "2002-2003", but the Word documents currently posted indicate the figures are for 2006-2007. Whitewater enrolls 10,700 students and has 329 faculty. I didn't bother to count, but it looks like the salaries listed are for all, or at least a great majority, of the tenure-track faculty.

One interesting thing the numbers reflect is a situation I've heard is fairly common: in the College of Business & Economics, the 26 full professors' listed salaries have a median of $86,155; the 15 assistant professors' listed salaries have a median of $86,802. One of the assistant professors has a reported salary higher than any of the full professors. Another assistant professor has a reported salary higher than all but one of the full professors.

But this ordering doesn't hold everywhere. The University of Michigan also posts individual salary data. For the most recent year, "2007", for economics department faculty on 9-month appointments, I computed a median reported salary of $103,000 for 15 assistant professors, $123,000 for 4 associate professors, and $178,682 for full professors. The highest salary for the assistant professors was lower than all but two of the full professors.