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Prediction on the stimulus

The House's stimulus bill is getting bad reiews, not just from the usual conservative sources (example), but even from middle-of-the-road, I-want-to-love-the-new-president-so-much-it-hurts David Brooks:

But they’ve created a sprawling, undisciplined smorgasbord, which has spun off a series of unintended consequences. . . .

This recession is scary and complicated. It’s insane to try to tackle it and dozens of other complicated problems, all in one piece of legislation. Leadership involves prioritizing. Those who try to do everything at once will end up with a sprawling, lobbyist-driven mess that does nothing well.


I predict that the Obama and Pelosi will do a version of good cop/bad cop.  I think Obama wanted and anticipated that the House would dump everything but the kitchen sink into their bill. The House version will be substantially revised in conference at the behest of the administration. There will be more money for infrastructure, less for pork, and maybe even a payroll tax cut. Obama will get huge credit from people like David Brooks for being "bi-partisan".

My only question is whether Pelosi is knowingly playing along or is being played. I think the latter, but could be convinced otherwise. Watch her spin the final law.