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Why golf is the epitome of capitalism

By Armen Alchian.

A puzzle has been solved. Despite their intense interest in sports, no golf courses exist in the Socialist-Communist bloc. Why is golf solely in capitalist societies? Because it is not merely a sport. It is an activity, a lifestyle, a behavior, a manifestation of the essential human spirit. Golf's ethic, principles, rules and procedures of play are totally capitalistic. They are antithetical to socialism. Golf requires self-reliance, independence, responsibility, integrity and trust. No extenuation is granted misfortune, mistake or incompetence. No second change. Like life, it is often unfair and unjust, with uninsurable risks. More than any other sport, golf exploits the whole capitalist spirit. . . .

Even in the beginning of golf we have evidence. Who but the self-reliant individualist Scots, the progenitors of Adam Smith, could create a game so congenial to the capitalist society and mentality. And at this end of history, who have become the most recent and avid devotees of golf? The Japanese and nationalist Chinese. Is more evidence required to demonstrate that golf is the spirit of capitalism?

Link via King Banaian at SCSU Scholars.