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July 2009

*This* is truly disturbing

John Fund, Wall Street Journal, yesterday:

Blue Dogs who are dragged into Speaker Pelosi’s office should be aware of just how she is selling the health care bill. Yesterday, she told supporters it represented “real change,” because it meant “a cap on your [health care] costs, but no cap on your benefit.”

Assuming Speaker Pelosi was quoted accurately, and assuming she wasn't "misspeaking", she is utterly bereft of economics. She is asserting the equivalent of a perpetual motion machine in physics. 

"Viewing a TV death in four acts"

Excellent commentary from Robert Fulford, National Post:

Most episodic shows tell two stories simultaneously. One deals with fictional characters. The other is the narrative's slow evolution under the pressure of desperate producers and harried writers.

The second story demonstrates that the history of a TV series, like the history of a nation or an art movement, falls into four periods -- primitive, classic, baroque and decadent.

The time it takes to get to "baroque" and "decadent" seems to be getting shorter.