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"Bloated College Administration Is Making Education Unaffordable"

I note that the growth in administration is not solely higher education's fault. Some part of it, maybe most of it, is in response to more regulation and more attempts at micromanaging what goes in higher education. But if we want to lower the cost of higher education developing ways to cut administrators is certainly a good place to start.

See also "Administrators Have Seized the Ivory Tower".

"It's good to be the queen"

It is at least if you are the president of the University of Minnesota.

The latest outrage that got my blood boiling was uncovered by a friend and University of Minnesota graduate. He had pointed out an extortion scheme run by the U of M president to get alums to donate $15 million to keep up the president’s mansion. The president is required by contract to live there, and she wants a larger endowment to make it more grand and keep it so. Otherwise she will sell the house.