"Pizza Topping Markup Calculator"

"Centives decided to take a look at the mark-up on the toppings for a pizza. This isn’t an easy thing to do since it’s not clear how much of a topping is actually on a pizza. However pizza joints such as Dominos do publish nutritional information for their pizzas. Using the amount of calories in a topping Centives estimated how much of that topping was on the pizza. We then figured out how much it would cost you to buy the same topping and just put it on top of a basic cheese Pizza yourself."

"Capitalism, Socialism, and Nationalism: Lessons from History"

Essay from noted historian Niall Ferguson. Abstract:

Schumpeter warned that socialism might ultimately prevail over capitalism, for four reasons. Creative disruption is rarely popular. Capitalism itself tends towards oligopoly. Intellectuals are susceptible to socialism. So are many bureaucrats and politicians. Socialism had manifestly failed everywhere it had been tried by the 1980s, apparently proving Schumpeter wrong. But the adverse consequences of the 2008-9 financial crisis, combined with the left-wing bias of much Western education, have led to a revival of interest in socialism among young people. However, what young Americans mean by ‘socialism’ is not the state taking over ownership of the means of production. They merely aspire to policies on healthcare and education that imply a more European system of fiscal redistribution. They fail to grasp that the defining feature of socialism is the violation of property rights. To an extent Schumpeter underestimated, socialism’s greatest weakness is its incompatibility with the rule of law.

"Defining America"

A fine little story by James Lileks.

But the looters and rioters and agent provocateurs, the nihilists, the louts and losers whose hearts and minds are numb to anything but the big boom, the hard jolt — that’s the cohort that some want to define America. After all, those pictures of people posing with heroic defiance as a building goes up in flames — why, it’s iconic! It sums up completely the American glorification of violence!


Let this define America . . .