"Elizabeth Warren Is a Ridiculous, Power-Hungry Crackpot"

A truly excellent rant by Kevin Williamson. Over the top but righteous and funny as hell.

Do you know what another word for “loophole” is? Law. Loopholes aren’t manufactured at some overseas sweatshop loophole factory operated by Charles Koch’s evil cousin Skippy — they are manufactured right there in the august body that is the United States Senate Committee on Finance, of which Senator Elizabeth Warren is, insanely enough, an actual member. She may as well have a sign on her door reading “Loopholes ’R’ Us.” . . .

And, of course, “loopholes” aren’t really loopholes. “Loopholes” are what useless low-minded demagogues call intentionally designed features of the tax code when they are being used by somebody it is politically convenient to attack. 

"California homebuyers discover that the government is their enemy"

Yet another astonishing story of America--or at least California--in 2021.

On January 31, 2020, the Alberts scraped together $560,000 in cash and gained title to the property.  They have yet to move in.

Despite having pocketed $560,000 and given up title, the original owner refuses to leave.  Even under normal circumstances, this would be a problem for the new homeowners because California landlord-tenant laws are so hostile to the landlord.