"The Electric Obamaphone"

Auto enthusiast Eric Peters comes down very hard, not for the first time, on Tesla and electric cars generally

If it is, then electric cars aren’t “zero” emissions. Not if they’re driven, at any rate. In order to move, they consume electrical power generated by the burning of natural gas and oil and coal — which produces plenty of carbon dioxide “emissions.”

But the fatuity of the “zero emissions” fatwa doesn’t change its power — the distortionary effect it is having on the car industry generally — which is being forced to build lots of electric cars to “achieve compliance.”

Cars for which there is no market.

Or rather, cars for which there aren’t buyers.

"How Well Has Cosmic Inflation Been Verified?"

Astrophysicist Ethan Siegel thinks is have been verified pretty darn well.

Inflation has literally met every threshold that science demands, with clever new tests becoming possible with improved observations and instrumentation. Whenever the data has been capable of being collected, inflation's predictions have been verified. Although it's perhaps more palatable and fashionable to be a contrarian, inflation is the leading theory for the best reason of all: it works.