"How Your Birth Date Can Shape Your Life"

"Since human births span fairly evenly across a calendar year, it means that some kids in – for example – sixth grade or a ten-year-old sports team will be older than their peers. Due to this age disparity, they might be stronger and faster, with more developed brains. These advantages can result in better athletic and academic performance early on, which can lead to additional benefits."

"Why I lean libertarian"

I'm not a capital "L" Libertarian. For one, those folks are a bit too isolationist for my taste. For another I've read some capital L Libertarians who are in favor of legalizing all drugs, without exception. 

But on a lot of issues they are close enough to what I believe and Arnold Kling's post offers a good rationale, especially this:

I believe that even if government officials were free of special-interest influence and wanted to be pro-social, they would fail. They under-estimate their own ignorance, and in choosing leaders the political process selects for a lack of humility. Officials are prone to blunders, and the error-correction mechanisms are much weaker in the public sector than in the private sector. Markets tend to correct their failures. Governments tend not to.

"Why there is no such thing as a healthy diet that works for everyone"

For the next several years at least, "precision nutrition" will be the hot new thing in nutrition and diet. (This piece is just the beginning of the article in New Scientist, but I've read the whole article and it mainly offers just details on the research. If you have access to JAMA, you could look at "Precision Nutrition—the Answer to “What to Eat to Stay Healthy”.)